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Tips on Internet Safety for parents www.cybersafetyadvice.com

Tips for Parents on Internet Safety

It’s not easy for parents to fully understand all the mechanisms of the internet and its an uphill struggle for some. Hopefully these quick steps will briefly help parents on how to safeguard their child online. Tips for Parents on Internet Safety Learn what software is available to install on pc to prevent some misuse… Read More »

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Amanda Todd Cyber-bullying victim

Cyberbullying linked tragedy hits Donegal only weeks after Leitrim

  Cyberbully Victim Amanda Todd posted video on YouTube month before taking her own life(image source: Gawker.com) by Niall Mulrine 3 suicides due to Cyber Bullying in the last 6 weeks Cyber bullying has increased nationally over the last few years, but the recent news in the North West of Ireland has given more insight… Read More »

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What to do if you are being Cyber-bullied

If you get Cyber-bullied what do you do? Whilst delivering my Cyber-bullying workshops under the umbrella of Internet Safety, the children ask me what can we do if we are getting Cyber-bullied or we know someone that is getting Cyber-bullied? Are you getting cyber bullied? Here are a few tips on what steps you can… Read More »

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Top 50 Acronyms that children use online

Some people refer to this as “Bebo Talk” Top 50 of thousands of Acronyms that the youth use online. Yes its true, this talk was heavily used on Bebo social networking platform as quick text that parents could not decipher. But today in 2012, teenagers over age of 15 would rather use normal text. Parents… Read More »

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