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Stephen Roache, Crumlin Hospital cycle 2013

I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Internet Addiction. How About You?

  Tightly clung inside my sweaty palm is the feeling of loneliness from a universe I have found myself immersed into without a warning, a device that fits in perfect harmony but without its full potential to please its owner? Feeling like a raver settling down after a highly illuminated and fast paced night, I… Read More »

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#slanegirl, Slane castle 2013 sex act

SlaneGirl goes viral online

Its a shame that the negative situations get the most hype on and offline. We have been hearing recently of so much negative effects of online abuse following deaths of Hannah Smith, Erin Gallagher, Ciara Pugsley, Lara Burns, Amanda Todd and others due to abuse on ASK.FM. But a recent concert held by Eminem in… Read More »

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Snapkidz,SnapApp,Send photos with smartphone

SnapKidz-New App from makers of SnapChat

Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, and Snapchat for children was launched 22nd June 2013, to cater for the younger audience who craved for the app but the age restriction blocked them from downloading. This only occurred if the child was “truthful” about their age in the first instance. The app called SnapKidz… Read More »

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Teenager sleep deprived, mobile phone addiction, 33% uk teenagers sleep deprived

Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, Pc Clean and The fear of being without contact with the World A condition called “nomophobia” is described as the fear of being without mobile contact. This has happened so fast that it’s not in medical text books yet, but it’s known and discussed between medical professions. In… Read More »

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snapchat app send photos that will self destruct on your mobile phone

How to respond to your Child Texting

  How to respond to your child Sexting? What is it about doing bad things that people like to repeat over and over again? The act of sexting is one of these acts that are repeated a lot within the youth brigade. But that does not say the adults are unaware of how it’s done… Read More »

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