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The Blue Whale Suicide game

The Blue Whale Suicide game

A phenomenon that has taken over the World called the ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game. From Wikipedia, “The term Blue Whale game (Russian: Синий кит, Siniy kit) refers to a trend on Russian-speaking social media, linked to a possible increase in child and teenage suicides. The term ‘Blue Whale game’ name derived from the image of… Read More »

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Anna Mininkova

The Cookie Monsters

What is the cookies that come up requesting our permission on certain websites? I would like Anna Mininkova from to explain with her info-graphic on security of cookies Source:

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Apple inapp purchases, refund to parents, itunes store issues

Children costing parents millions on In-APP Purchases

Yes, there are occasions when the child lifts the iPad or smartphone to play with it and the parents are unaware of what they are at, which most times is safe enough. But on the occasion when the child wants to play some free games or apps, that is bundled with loads of pop In-App… Read More »

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Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

Effects of porn on our children

The availability of porn has increased with the array of devices we use to connect to the internet. Pornographic material has been widely accessible for over the last two centuries, where it may have originated as art “Erotica” in the 19th Century. The introduction of motion picture in the late 19th century called Le Coucher… Read More »

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Dating websites, online love, find love online

The 10 Biggest Do You Remember The First Time? Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid-PT2

Part 2 of 2 Continuing on from previous article Part 1 with the same name, we continue with 5 more tips on preventing your first time with some online platforms don’t end horrendously. 6)         Excellent Offers buy now! – Don’t believe all offers you read that will fix your issues. We all surf freely online… Read More »

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