Internet Safety For Children

Internet Safety for Children

The online world is not much different from the offline World, but sometimes it feels easier to interact with people from a computer than to talk on the the street as its less challenging. But the communication foundation should remain the same such as good manners and respect for others.

Some tips for Children online please click here Cyber Safety Tips for Childern

It’s easy to say the wrong thing online as it is when we are not online, but it’s a lot harder to reverse the words used. Many people may of seen the comments and have shared it with their friends before the comments can be deleted.

The Irish Examiner ran a story from a student in Co. Cork who shared her letter to the government on the problems online and how it’s not being tackled in this country. It’s interesting how many children are coming forward to help stomp out cyber bullying.


“The “latest” set of guidelines on bullying published by the Government date back to 1993. As a teenager and frequent internet user, I don’t think this is good enough. ………..” read more here

From a parents point its a difficult time, Jonathan Pugsley who lost his daughter Ciara (15) to Cyber Bullying speaks of his loss with Gregory Harkin with the Irish Independent. “”I’m reminded of Ciara every single minute of the day, I’m always doing something that reminds me of her,”………. read more of the article here

Workshops for children are available by contacting Niall on 086-2377033 or email

Workshops for children to learn what they could avoid before getting into trouble, for something that may of seemed innocent. Children may sometimes post comments or photos on websites without realising the impact they may have on other people, due to their innocence and lack of knowledge on Cyber Bullying. This workshop can fill in the blanks and help them better understand how certain actions can cause pain to someone.

Topics covered are:

-What to post online and not to post

-Photo tagging and location tagging websites

-Privacy settings


-Potential determent on future prospects on what you do online NOW

and much more

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