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Internet Safety in Ireland

Guest blog by Amy Williams Do you remember life before high speed Internet and wi-fi?   In the good old days we were connected by letters and phones corded to a wall. Those oddities of yesteryear are practically foreign objects for today’s generation of children. This group of digital natives have been raised in a… Read More »

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How to Prevent Internet Bullying in Teens

Learning that your teenager has been the target of bullies is both heartbreaking and infuriating. The discovery that your child is party to the torment and agony of a classmate, however, can be even worse. No parent wants to believe that a child they’ve raised could be so cruel, but the truth is that bullying… Read More »

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NAPD National Association Principals and deputy principals ireland, Cyberbullying

NAPD discover Cyber-bulling in Irish schools on the Increase

Over the first 2 months of January and February 2014, an Irish research company Amarch carried out research on 1000 parents and young people for the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD). This study concluded that children of secondary schools in Ireland have been involved and seen an increase of Cyber-bullying since 2013… Read More »

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What Parents Can Do to Help Teen Victims of Cyber Bullying

          Guest Blog: www.FindANanny.net To read more of this type of topics, click on http://www.findananny.net/blog/ It may seem harmless to see your child engaged in the latest social media application. She may be snapping pictures to her friends on Snapchat or posting funny status updates on Facebook to stay in touch… Read More »

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Rebecca Ann Sedwick, cyberbullying, lakeland florida

Rebecca Ann Sedwick 12 years old another Cyber-bullying victim

12 years of age, pretty and intelligent, Rebecca Ann Sedwick had lots of life to live. “Nope but I can live.” Was the reply to a text asking, “Can u please die?” What person could take this type of constant abuse for over 18 months from the age of 10? Late on Monday 9th September… Read More »

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