Tips for Parents on Internet Safety

Niall Mulrine talks about Cyber-bullying tips

Niall Mulrine

It’s not easy for parents to fully understand all the mechanisms of the internet and its an uphill struggle for some. Hopefully these quick steps will briefly help parents on how to safeguard their child online.

Tips for Parents on Internet Safety

  • Learn what software is available to install on pc to prevent some misuse
  • Talk openly with children about their internet use and some of the dangers present
  •  Do not ban the internet outright, but maybe curb the times allowed
  •  Be agreeable that both parties are happy with where they internet can be accessed from
  • Inform children what is the right or wrong type of information that should be uploaded
  • Talk of some incidents that may of happened to children that were unaware of the dangers online
  •  Ask your child if any of their friends are having issues with Facebook abuse or similar
  • Praise your child when they come to you about their queries and always answer best you can

    Tips on Internet Safety for parents

    Stop Cyber-Bullying now

  •  Join the same network as your child and follow their activity
  • Develop clear rules on what is appropriate for online. Create consequences if needed.
  • If child is being bullied, tell them not to reply to the bully and make sure to sit down and make a plan that involves your child
  • Take photos or screenshots of any nasty comments

These are all preventative measures to ensure the chances of children getting into the wrong activities online are minimised. But in the scenario that there are signs of cyber-bullying occuring for you or your child, please read the steps to take in a blog “What to do if you are being Cyber-Bullied”

These tips first appeared on partner site in August 2012


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