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English: Tuenti logo (negative) Español: Tuent...

English: Tuenti logo (negative) Español: Tuenti logo (negativo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With the amount of Web 2.0 social media platforms out there, it’s hard to keep your bearings on them all. Do we sign up for all new social media platforms in the hope that they will be the up and coming phenomenon? I know from my own experience when Pinterest launched in 2010, I came across it in early 2011 and thought is this another fad or will it be a good sign up!! I took it for a spin and found the concept worthy of joining, but was not sure how it would benefit my IT business as its main focus was on images. There are only so many images of a laptop or my head I can post daily without boring the audience!! So, I parked it for a while and would come back to it from time to time, but would find that not many are posting relevant information and leave quickly. I am not addicted yet to it!! For hotels, chefs, property managers, hairdressers, artists and photographers it would be a must have social media site.


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Now, I know more and more of these platforms are jumping up every day so why am I putting an article on a new site called “Tuenti”. Well to begin with, the site is not new, but its new to the World, as it was a site that was created in Spain and has survived well in that country since 2006 with a total of 14 million users as of June 2012. Not unlike how Facebook started, but Tuenti began from an idea of a group of friends Félix Ruiz, Zaryn Dentzel, Kenny Bentley, Adeyemi Ajao and Joaquín Ayuso de Pául. In Spain, they refer to it as the Spanish Facebook.  In 2010, national phone company Telefonica acquired 85% of the company which will play a large part in increasing its reach with their 309 million users in over 25 countries. Today, 11th July 2012, the platform is extending from its Spanish language to work with the English, German, French, Italian and more languages to get more of a global reach.

Similar to Twitter we are stuck with 140 characters

It’s similar to Twitter by giving 140 characters for comments, Facebook update comments in real time. This platform needs a genuine name for sign up and needs mobile phone to verify identity. It prides itself on how secure it is by using SSL encryption. Downside if you would like to increase your SEO, this will not satisfy as it won’t be indexed by Google, but this does give the user more trust with their information. Their philosophy on their site is “Social done simple”. Repeats the statement that most of us may have hundred’s friends on other social media sites, but how many of these are actual friends? Quoted from their blog, “Why call everyone “friends” when only 20 people are really friends and the rest are just contacts?”

It promises to be a more personal social network than what we are used to. Some of these promises make me think of yet another new site called Path which is focusing on close friends and family. Most of these sites have similar strands of other sites, which make them likable. Its up to you now, go try out Tuenti at http://www.tuenti.com

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