Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is abuse or harassment that can be caused to one or more people with the means of internet connected devices; such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets and games consoles. Cyber-bullying impact is really no different to normal bullying in terms of hurt, but the magnitude of how many people can join in and see this happening is greater. 92% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach and this signifies how we are becoming very dependent on mobile connectivity.

Monitoring the use of the Internet is just not a case of having a computer placed in the living room. Education is the most important barrier to overcoming the act of cyber-bullying. I hope this blog will help with some of this

Learn how to Deal with Cyber Bullying

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The Blue Whale Suicide game

A phenomenon that has taken over the World called the ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game. From Wikipedia, “The term Blue Whale game (Russian: Синий кит, Siniy kit) refers to a trend on Russian-speaking social media, linked to a possible increase in child and teenage suicides. The term ‘Blue Whale game’ name derived from the image of… Read More »

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Jim Morrison,Ray Manzarek,The Doors,The End,Cyberbullying reasons, Masks,

The Killer awoke before Dawn

 Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, and   “The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on. He took a face from the ancient gallery And he walked on down the hall” – Jim Morrison. The scene this paints is one of horror and fear, which in essence is the seed to… Read More »

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cyberbullying addicted to devices

Internet Safety in Ireland

Guest blog by Amy Williams Do you remember life before high speed Internet and wi-fi?   In the good old days we were connected by letters and phones corded to a wall. Those oddities of yesteryear are practically foreign objects for today’s generation of children. This group of digital natives have been raised in a… Read More »

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ASK.FM logo

Ireland welcomes Cyber-Bullying website to its capital the parent company of ASK.FM have revealed that they will be opening their head office in Dublin to handle all the HQ duties of a social network site that is known for. ASK.FM hit the headlines a few years ago with links to the deaths of teenagers Ciara Pugsley, Erin Gallagher and Shannon Gallagher… Read More »

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We connect around the world with social media

How to Prevent Internet Bullying in Teens

Learning that your teenager has been the target of bullies is both heartbreaking and infuriating. The discovery that your child is party to the torment and agony of a classmate, however, can be even worse. No parent wants to believe that a child they’ve raised could be so cruel, but the truth is that bullying… Read More »

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Rebecca Ann Sedwick, cyberbullying, lakeland florida

Rebecca Ann Sedwick 12 years old another Cyber-bullying victim

12 years of age, pretty and intelligent, Rebecca Ann Sedwick had lots of life to live. “Nope but I can live.” Was the reply to a text asking, “Can u please die?” What person could take this type of constant abuse for over 18 months from the age of 10? Late on Monday 9th September… Read More »

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Karate Kid

Top 10 tips for victims of bullying online

  It’s a tough position to be in and its hard to think that there can be something we can do to help ourselves when we are in the thralls of being cyber-bullied. All we can see is the bully and their friends and the focus on them is anger, as they are the people… Read More »

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Shauna Sisk, Cyberbullying, Cobh Regatta Queen

Shauna Sisk speaks up against her Cyber-bullies

  Last weekend 19th August 2013, 18 year old Shauna Sisk should have been celebrating winning her title at the Cobh Regatta Queen beauty pageant, but instead she was in a low from the abuse she got online about her looks and victory. As she commented to her friend on Twitter about their identity she… Read More »

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Jo Smith & Hannah Smith,Bivtims to trolls of

Should we ban ASK.FM?

Before we look to Ask.FM to blame for the high number of cyber-bullying suicides over the last 18 months, we first need to evaluate the relationship ASK.FM has as a social media website has with its victims? Ask.FM is in the same league as other social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +,… Read More »

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Hannah Smith on FAcebook

Another case of why Facebook Memorial Pages are bad

  Again, another teenager has taken their own life due to the ongoing abuse from anonymous questions and answers website ASK.FM. Hannah Smith 14 years of age, took her own life following, the continuous torment she received on the Latvian owned website ASK.FM. People actually told her “drink bleach” (similar to Amanda Todd’s abuse), “go… Read More »

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Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith another victim to ASK.FM Cyber-bullying

Hannah Smith 14 years of age died tragically by suicide on Friday 3rd August 2013 at her home in Lutterworth, Leicester, England. Hannah is no different to any other teenager who loves to socialise on Social media sites such as Ask.FM. Children live on social media to keep in contact with their friends and family,… Read More »

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cyberbullying, who am i talking to online

Three Things Parents Can Do To Minimize The Risk for Summer Cyberbullying

Cyberbullies don’t take the summer off. With more time on their hands to engage in social media, here are a few prevention tips for parents to use as “dinner conversation” with their kids to identify and prevent certain types of cyberbullying tactics this summer. Photos: “Pays To Be Paranoid”: So many adults are like “Eghhh… Read More »

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Fr Ted Dr Dougal Maguire

Cyber-bullying tackled by Oireachtas report on Social Media Abuse

  On 18th July 2013 a report titled “HOUSES OF THE OIREACHTAS -JOINT COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS – Addressing the Growth of Social Media and tackling Cyberbullying” was launched by John O’Mahony.   95% Irish teenagers have Facebook Accounts Only 5% of Irish teenagers are not subscribed to Facebook when results were compiled in… Read More »

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Zoe Whelan, No Nonsense Top Driver, Niall Horan Partner, Cyberbully victim

Zoe Whelan stands up to Cyber-bullying

  Irish Glamour model Zoe Whelan stands up to the taunting and hate she receives online, mostly from jealous girls who would like to date her One Direction singer Niall Horan.  Whilst shooting for the No Nonsense insurance incentive, Zoe answered some questions from the media.  Zoe commented in an interview with The Hearld journalist Kirsty… Read More »

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Top 5 tips to prevent becoming cyberbully, summer time bullying,

Top tips for Children to stay safe online during summer

Top tips for Children to stay safe online during summer Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, and Yes, the school holidays are coming, the weather is getting brighter and the days of getting up early for school are coming to a close. It’s that time again when we have no school for the… Read More »

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Two “moms on a mission” create a parental intelligence system that stops cyberbullying before it blows up

A cartoon floating around Mashable from The Joy of Tech reflects the latest barometer of Facebook from the teen perspective (“Uncool!).  Now that teens are flocking away from it, (supposedly to get out from under the ever-present eye of parents who “liked” their page), how is a parent supposed to track their activities? A Parental… Read More »

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facebook buy whatsapp

Should we have Facebook RIP Memorial Pages

In the wake of recent suicides in Ireland, we have seen an unprecedented amount of activity on Facebook after the bully victim has taken their own life. RIP Facebook Memorial Pages are souvenirs for people who either know the victim well or have not met the deceased but are compassionate to the surroundings of the… Read More »

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Top 10 Tips for Parents to prevent Cyber-Bullying

This topic has been covered before on my blogs and I felt there was a need to elaborate more on them as its a very topical subject and readers have required more tips. If you are reading this, please comment below with any questions please. 1. Learn what software is available to install on PC to… Read More »

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Feotus,too young to be on facebook,Marriah Greene

What age should a baby be online?

Are your toddlers too young to have digital footprints? We see it all the time and I admit I am as guilty as the next parent, but are we putting too much information about our small children online for others to see? We worry about what children do online We may be worrying about the… Read More »

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snapchat app send photos that will self destruct on your mobile phone

How to respond to your Child Texting

  How to respond to your child Sexting? What is it about doing bad things that people like to repeat over and over again? The act of sexting is one of these acts that are repeated a lot within the youth brigade. But that does not say the adults are unaware of how it’s done… Read More »

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Tips on Internet Safety for parents

Tips for Parents on Internet Safety

It’s not easy for parents to fully understand all the mechanisms of the internet and its an uphill struggle for some. Hopefully these quick steps will briefly help parents on how to safeguard their child online. Tips for Parents on Internet Safety Learn what software is available to install on pc to prevent some misuse… Read More »

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Amanda Todd Cyber-bullying victim

Cyberbullying linked tragedy hits Donegal only weeks after Leitrim

  Cyberbully Victim Amanda Todd posted video on YouTube month before taking her own life(image source: by Niall Mulrine 3 suicides due to Cyber Bullying in the last 6 weeks Cyber bullying has increased nationally over the last few years, but the recent news in the North West of Ireland has given more insight… Read More »

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How to deactivate Facebook to prevent Cyber-Bullying

  Step 1- Logon to   Enter email address and password for your Facebook credentials in the logon screen which is similar to above image. Below is the screen that will appear when logged in On the top Menu Bar, where our name, Find Friends & Home is located, the down arrow button will… Read More »

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What to do if you are being Cyber-bullied

If you get Cyber-bullied what do you do? Whilst delivering my Cyber-bullying workshops under the umbrella of Internet Safety, the children ask me what can we do if we are getting Cyber-bullied or we know someone that is getting Cyber-bullied? Are you getting cyber bullied? Here are a few tips on what steps you can… Read More »

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Top 50 Acronyms that children use online

Some people refer to this as “Bebo Talk” Top 50 of thousands of Acronyms that the youth use online. Yes its true, this talk was heavily used on Bebo social networking platform as quick text that parents could not decipher. But today in 2012, teenagers over age of 15 would rather use normal text. Parents… Read More »

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Should we have Facebook Memorial Pages?

In the wake of recent suicides in Ireland, we have seen an unprecedented amount of activity on Facebook after the bully victim has taken their own life. RIP Facebook Memorial Pages are souvenirs for people who either know the victim well or have not met the deceased but are compassionate to the surroundings of the… Read More »

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Cyber Bullying going mad

It’s not the first time I wrote about this nor will it be the last, but in recent highlights in the papers and news, its rose its ugly head again. What I am talking about is Cyber Bullying. A dirty word for a dirty illness. What is the definition of Cyber Bullying? The Oxford dictionary… Read More »

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Facebook reaches 1 Billion users

We are all interconnected by 6 degrees of separation around the world said Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy. With Social Media, these degrees are getting closer, as we can see the circles of relationships quicker and make connections in real time. With so many people online, we have to think, are we living online or offiline?… Read More »

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Difference between Bully and Cyber-Bully

With all the news on Cyber Bullying over the last four years, people are asking what can be done to curb the bullying. Is it the technology arena that needs to be fixed or is it the user that needs educating? It’s a bit of both actually. To comprehend the meaning of cyber bullying, we… Read More »

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Internet Safety For Children

Internet Safety for Children The online world is not much different from the offline World, but sometimes it feels easier to interact with people from a computer than to talk on the the street as its less challenging. But the communication foundation should remain the same such as good manners and respect for others. Some… Read More »

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