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Top tips for Children to stay safe online during summer

Top tips for Children to stay safe online during summer Brought to you by Niall ...

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How to Prevent Internet Bullying in Teens

Learning that your teenager has been the target of bullies is both heartbreaking and infuriating. The discovery that your child is party to the torment and agony of a classmate, however, can be even worse. No parent wants to believe that a child they’ve raised could be so cruel, but the truth is that bullying… Read More »

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internet explorer exploit,MS14-021 ,2965111

Internet Explorer exploit left users in limbo

 Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, and   Since April 2014, we have been listening to Microsoft and other third party software vendors warning us of the dangers on Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 vulnerabilities of security. Believe or not, up to 30% of computer users in the World are still using… Read More »

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Teachers victims to children’s cyber-bullying tactics

When we hear of children being involved in bullying, whether its offline bullying or cyber-bullying, we automatically think of them bullying other children. A recent survey in the UK, has found that teachers are at the helm of their students bullying tactics online 27% of abusive cyber-bullying comments coming from parents A survey carried out,… Read More »

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Anna Mininkova

The Cookie Monsters

What is the cookies that come up requesting our permission on certain websites? I would like Anna Mininkova from to explain with her info-graphic on security of cookies Source:

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Ethel is Hot

To prevent cyberbullying you’ve got to think like a martial artist

            guest blog by Kay Stephens of The number one question parents continue to ask around digital safety is: “What do I do if my child becomes a target of cyberbullying?” Unfortunately, so much of the cyberbullying advice you find online only scratches the surface, such as: “Save all… Read More »

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