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Niall Horan caught on webcam

One Direction Niall Horan caught on Webcam

  We all think when Celebrities are doing their private stuff that they would have security against paparazzi and media? Well we are right, when Celebrities have enough status and money they hire security. But, one mistake Niall Horan was caught by the whole world, was on his private home laptop!!   Niall Horan forgets to turn… Read More »

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Boston MArathon 2013 Bombings

Boston Marathon takes over Social Media

  If people have not heard about the Boston Marathon Bombing by now, they are probably living away from communities, as all people are talking about is the tragedy that occurred 15th April 2013 at the end of the popular annual marathon. Not only was this such an inhumane attack on innocent sports people and… Read More »

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Tips on Internet Safety for parents

Tips for Parents on Internet Safety

It’s not easy for parents to fully understand all the mechanisms of the internet and its an uphill struggle for some. Hopefully these quick steps will briefly help parents on how to safeguard their child online. Tips for Parents on Internet Safety Learn what software is available to install on pc to prevent some misuse… Read More »

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