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Rebecca Ann Sedwick, cyberbullying, lakeland florida

Rebecca Ann Sedwick 12 years old another Cyber-bullying victim

12 years of age, pretty and intelligent, Rebecca Ann Sedwick had lots of life to live. “Nope but I can live.” Was the reply to a text asking, “Can u please die?” What person could take this type of constant abuse for over 18 months from the age of 10? Late on Monday 9th September… Read More »

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Karate Kid

Top 10 tips for victims of bullying online

  It’s a tough position to be in and its hard to think that there can be something we can do to help ourselves when we are in the thralls of being cyber-bullied. All we can see is the bully and their friends and the focus on them is anger, as they are the people… Read More »

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Shauna Sisk, Cyberbullying, Cobh Regatta Queen

Shauna Sisk speaks up against her Cyber-bullies

  Last weekend 19th August 2013, 18 year old Shauna Sisk should have been celebrating winning her title at the Cobh Regatta Queen beauty pageant, but instead she was in a low from the abuse she got online about her looks and victory. As she commented to her friend on Twitter about their identity she… Read More »

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Jo Smith & Hannah Smith,Bivtims to trolls of

Should we ban ASK.FM?

Before we look to Ask.FM to blame for the high number of cyber-bullying suicides over the last 18 months, we first need to evaluate the relationship ASK.FM has as a social media website has with its victims? Ask.FM is in the same league as other social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +,… Read More »

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Hannah Smith on FAcebook

Another case of why Facebook Memorial Pages are bad

  Again, another teenager has taken their own life due to the ongoing abuse from anonymous questions and answers website ASK.FM. Hannah Smith 14 years of age, took her own life following, the continuous torment she received on the Latvian owned website ASK.FM. People actually told her “drink bleach” (similar to Amanda Todd’s abuse), “go… Read More »

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