Rebecca Ann Sedwick 12 years old another Cyber-bullying victim

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, cyberbullying, lakeland florida

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12 years of age, pretty and intelligent, Rebecca Ann Sedwick had lots of life to live. “Nope but I can live.” Was the reply to a text asking, “Can u please die?” What person could take this type of constant abuse for over 18 months from the age of 10? Late on Monday 9th September 2013, Rebecca Ann Sedwick stopped the turmoil in her head by jumping from a cement silo in her nearby town land of Lakeland, Florida.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, Cemex factory Lakeland Florida

How did her bullying ordeal begin?

The bullying began at her school Crystal Lake Middle School over a boyfriend. She stopped seeing him over the torture she was receiving from other girls including a friend of hers. The bullying continued from school to Facebook and other mobile social media apps she was using on her phone; KIK Messenger, Ask.Fm and Voxer. She had moved to a new school this term at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, where she seemed happy and content again.

Lawtown Chile Middle Academy, Rebecca Ann Sedwick School, Lakeland florida

Lawton Chiles Middle Academy

R.I.P. Facebook Page

5 days after the death of Rebecca Ann Sedwick, a Facebook memorial page in her honour boasts over 250 Likes. The page was created 2 days after her death and has comments from people around the world sympathising for Rebecca and her family. Also, hatred comments can be found that are attacking the bullies who caused this girl to take her own life. I do not agree with R.I.P pages in general, as they can be a breeding ground for more bullying, but this memorial page so far has sincere comments.

rebecca ann sedwick facebook memorial page R.I.P

R.I.P. Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Rebecca Ann Sedwick’s last days

The only person aware of her taking her life was two friends she texted via a mobile app, which she changed her username to “That Dead Girl” before taking her own. The message she send one 12 year old boy in North Carolina “I’m jumping, I can’t take it anymore.” From reports so far, this boy did not respond to the message nor told anyone about it.



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