Ireland welcomes Cyber-Bullying website to its capital

ASK.FM logo the parent company of ASK.FM have revealed that they will be opening their head office in Dublin to handle all the HQ duties of a social network site that is known for. ASK.FM hit the headlines a few years ago with links to the deaths of teenagers Ciara Pugsley, Erin Gallagher and Shannon Gallagher from our own country Ireland. Internationally, teenagers who took their own lives due to the links of the social media site Ask.Fm were Rebecca Sedwick from Florida who threw herself of a tower in a cement factory, Hannah Smith in the UK who hung herself, Daniel Perry from Scotland, Joshua Unsworth from England hung himself also. These are only some of the names of the victims of teenage suicide caused by Cyber-Bullying on ASK.FM

Hannah SMith Memorial Page

Hannah Smith

What does this mean to CyberBully victims that ASK.FM is in Ireland?

Mark Terebin the founder of had the website and company based in Lativa, where there was extreme difficulties getting in contact with him when the rate of bullying online on was high, which lead to further frustration globally. Every continent, country and city has different privacy laws and based in Lativa, the company seemed unstoppable. Now, being based in Ireland, they will have to settle to abide by European privacy laws that Facebook and Twitter face the wrath for when broken and also begin to work with the local Garda force when cases need investigating.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, cyberbullying, lakeland florida

Rebecca Ann Sedwick

 I ask the question again, Should we ban ASK.FM?

In a positive I have mentioned above, Ireland and Europe will be able to work better with ASK.Fm and there will also be an increase of employment in Dublin with this site. I have wrote about this before and in my eyes, I don’t look to ASK.Fm as being the sole issue of the Cyber-bullying globally, but it is one of the platforms taht alot of abuse is taking place. The people who take a look at ASK.Fm may do so for a little bit of fun and that is no problem. We are all able to enjoy ourselves in different ways, but if the tone or language is getting a little negative, then we stand with 2 choices:

1) Do I stay on this site ASK.Fm and take part in the negativity?

2) Do I ignore the abuse on ASK.Fm and leave the site alone?

Every individual will answer this differently, as we are not all the same (Thank God). The decisions we take in life do have repercusions and it will shape of life in some way. The negativity must be remembered that it is SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS PROBLEMS and not you. People lash out on others when they have problems at home, school, friends, etc. If there is a sign in our charachter that someone can take advantage of, these bullies will prey on us.

Facebook is a social diary,cyberbullying

My answer to the above is no.2. Remember a By-stand is as involved in bullying as the bully. Do yourself a favour, stay away from a site that is causing negativity.


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