NekNomination-Getting drunk online by dare method

neknomination Ireland, facebook

neknomination Ireland, facebook

The media craze to take over the world is NekNomination. Only last week has Ireland seen the deaths of two NekNomination victims and with further predictions of more deaths if people do ignore the urge to drink a lethal cocktail of alcohol. Johnny Byrne only 19 years of age drowned after participating in a NekNomination challenge, almost taking the life of his brother and girlfriend on the same occasion. Ross Cummins, 22 year old DJ, was found dead in his flat after taking up a challenge of the NekNomination game.

What is NekNomination?

NekNomination originated in Australia where the game suggested that the victim or challenger to down a pint of alcohol and post the video on a social media channel as proof. To enhance social media attention, these videos and images are to be hashtag #NekNomination. After completing this challenge, it’s their turn to nominate someone else on a public forum such as Facebook to do a similar stunt within 24 hours. If the person does not do it, then they are breaking the “Chain” and will be called names and excluded by their mates. It has taken over in Ireland very quickly and really the effects has only been highlighted over the past few weeks. But as always its only when tragedy strikes, we learn the real horrible truth.

NekNomination leaves family in pieces afterwards

Below is a picture of DJ Ross Cummins with his partner Niamh Murphy who now has to pick up the pieces after losing her love to a drinking game. Niamh has been expressing her emotions on her Facebook page after the loss of Ross and others such as Nicole Donohue her friend stated how angry she is with the people who put him up to it “Ross Cummins, u will be so greatly missed a fella like u shud be an inspiration to lads tat are down and out dickheads”

Niamh’s response on Facebook to this death was “Today was the most devastating day I have Ever had … Words can’t describe how broken and empty i feel … I lost not only the love of my life today but my best friend”. For people thinking this game is fun, have a think about the family of Ross Cummins and their friends now carrying on without the young vibrant DJ he was, according to those that knew him.

Ross Cummins, Niamh murphy,neknomination Ireland, facebook

NekNomination Victim Ross Cummins and partner Niamh Murphy

NekNomination in Ireland has grown quickly

A NekNomination page setup for Irish community has 2500 followers already and growing. On this page there are people showing mixing drinks and doing challenges afterwards. One dangerous stunt Darragh Lyons undertook was to drink a drink along a busy road, then jump the bridge into a fast flowing river. Luckily he is still alive to tell the tale. Johnny Byrne tried the same stunt only to his fate. His brother Patrick expressed his worry afterwards and warn others of the dangerous in an interview with Irish Independent “”My young 19-year-old brother, Jonny Byrne from Carlow, died tonight in the middle of his nomination. He thought he had to try and beat the competition after he necked his pint he jumped into the river. If people have any decency and respect they will refrain from any more this.”

Johnny Byrne Neknomination

Johnny Byrne NekNomination victim

Another downside of Social Media

The positives of social media outweigh the negatives, but when tragedy occurs and linked to social media, people blame the vehicle. This is the same respect as Cyber-bullying and other forms of online abuse. The people need to understand that this is not a game of fun, but more of taking a risk of losing your life into your hands or passing onto others. Be careful what you challenge people.

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